There are broadly 3 types of smallcases that one can choose from:

Core: Designed to provide stable long-term returns and ensures that the core of your portfolio is strong, protected and growing. eg: All Weather Investing smallcase.

Slow moving: This is the next step after core, smart beta smallcases are created with an objective to generate more returns than the market. These smallcases only consist of large-caps, which are the top 150 market cap stocks listed on NSE.

Fast moving: These smallcases majorly consist of mid-cap and small-cap stocks. These smallcases can generate high returns, but are very volatile in nature. Thus, you should look into investing in them only after you have built your core and have also invested in the slow moving satellites.

All smallcases can be found under the Discover section. Here, you can either look at smallcases among collections or filter them by specific attributes.

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