From 5paisa (Easier)

Go to Sell Authorisation flow on 5paisa, and click on Forgot CDSL PIN (Easiest Way)

PS: The Forgot CDSL PIN link in authorization screen will not work during market hours i.e. from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

In such a case, you can generate it directly from CDSL website.


Go to CDSL website, enter your BO ID and PAN to generate a new one.

Please Note: You can only use a TPIN after 6 minutes once generated

Other FAQs

πŸ’‘ What is BO ID and where do I find it?

The BO ID (Beneficiary Owner Identification number) is a 16-digit number used to identify your demat account. You can find it in your profile dashboard under DP details as DP Account no.

πŸ’‘ How do I know what mobile/email is registered?

The registered email/mobile number is the same as what appears under My Profile.

πŸ’‘ I don't have access to this mobile/email anymore, what do I do?

You can edit the details of the mobile number or email address under My Profile and the reset/regenerate the pin again to receive it.

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