Read on to know how you can authorise all your holdings from 5paisa. If you do not have your CDSL TPIN, you can follow the instructions here to generate it.

  • Go to your Holdings page on 5paisa and click on Sell Authorization like in the screenshot below

  • If you have less than 100 stocks in your holdings or if your investment is less than Rs. 1 Cr you can simply click on Authorize now

If you hold more than 100 stocks or if your Investment is greater than Rs. 1 Cr, you will need to select upto 100 stocks or upto 1 Cr of investment to authorize like so

In either case, if you've forgotten your TPIN simply click on Forgot CDSL PIN to generate a new one (to your mobile/email)

  • Enter your TPIN and verify. If you have just generated a new TPIN, you will need to wait for at least 6 minutes after generating it to verify.

After successful verification you should be able to sell stocks/ETFs from your Demat.

Note: The authorization is valid only for 1 day. If you wish to sell stocks from your demat again the next day, you will need to authorize your transactions again.

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