Here’s a sweet deal for you. Enjoy brokerage-free smallcase transactions, for a limited time only!

Terms and conditions:

  1. This offer is valid from 12th Nov 9.15 AM to 30th Nov 3.30 PM of 2020.
  2. smallcase fees (Rs.10), as well as the brokerage, will be waived off on all except sell transactions.
  3. Offer is valid for all users
  4. All the taxes such as STT, Stamp duty, exchange transaction fees, etc. are still applicable.
  5. Brokerage cashback will be credited to you by 15th Dec 2020. Smallcase Charges (Rs.10) per scrip waived off at the time of order.

After the offer ends:

You are charged an extra Rs.10 per stock on top of your brokerage as per your subscription. This includes buy, invest more, manage, rebalance, SIP, partial exit and whole exit orders. There are no charges for simply viewing or watchlisting smallcases, you are only charged when you transact.

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